Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Recipe~~

Its been a long time x update my blog, since i have been busy taking care of things here at home...July is the most busiest month of the year for me! Imagine to celebrate 6 family members bdays in every week! Including ME! Plus, ramadhan is just around the corner (yippie!!! can't wait!) 
But despite of my busy schedule (wah! trip artis!), i have manage to find a way to bake this moist and delicious choc muffin/cuppy without using too much flour and ingredients..u only need to use around 5 ingredients that u can find easily in ur need to rush to bake with me! How easy that is!! (i'm starting to sound like a saleswoman!) Even Zahry and his dad who are not a chocolate fan, loves it! (okay, i need to stop using exclaimination mark..O_0 )
But before i can update the recipe,  i need to try baking it again..So be patience, peeps...Got to go, duty call! 
Bye Y'alls~~